Ruth Sullivan godwit513 at msn.com
Sat Aug 8 21:34:29 PDT 2009

Hello Tweeters,

The day was real mixed up,since I did not leave to 10.30 AM waiting on a
phone call from my Sister in Germany,complaining that I never staying
home.But looking at the tide what not supposed to be at 2.58 PM at a 7.feet
.So I decided to going all the way from Bottle Beach to Tokeland.But I was
running in to the worst traffic I driving to the same destination.The
different is I always leave real early.
I going to write up Tokeland,since I got real exited seeing all the many
Shorebirds on the Jetty.I always going in where all the boats are ,and also
seeing the Martin houses close,but there where no Martin's at all.There
probable left already
I am careful looking all the many Godwit's over,in case there is a
Bar-tailed Godwit among this group Of 250 Marbled Godwit 85 Whimbrel and 7
Willet's.Boat I found 1 Bird what got my attention,he was much bigger than
the Marbled Godwit,but the plumage looked the same as the Marbled
Godwit's.So I watched this bird to he lifted his head,and I could see the
long decurved Bill,it was an ADULT I could tell of the huge bill and the
feet color.But looking in the bird book the Long-billed Curlew according in
Sibly have the same plumage pattern as the Marbled Godwit's If any birder is
going to tokeland looking for this huge bird on the jetty.It is only the
second time that I see a Curlew on the Jetty.
I was right on time with the high tide on Bottle beach,and almost the same
birds as last time,both Dowitchers,I trying to get photos
of the two Dowitcher species together 150 Birds evenly with the
Black-bellied Plovers,Whimbrel 20 birds ,only 26 Western,but I found 1
Semipalmated Sandpiper among the Western,Semimalmated Plovers 18 birds,and
The weather was a light rain and kind of foggy.
Midway Beach again it was also not clear ,the pond what is declining had
lot's of Gulls,among the Gulls where Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs,1 female
Wilson's Phalarope and few Western Sandpipers.I only running in to 3 other
birders the whole day.
Cheers Ruth Sullivan


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