[Tweeters] Phinney Black-throated Gray Warblers and ?

amk17 at earthlink.net amk17 at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 13 18:56:45 PDT 2009

At the corner of Dayton N and N 64th St in Phinney Ridge, there are approximately 4-6 Black-throated gray warblers and one possible Blackpoll Warbler. I refound the bird, which I saw in my yard, in the conifers at the corner. This unidentified warbler is quite different than the BTGW. In addition to the solid black cap, it has a thin black stripe below the cheek extending towards the shoulder. The solid black cap extends to the eye and then a solid white patch until just below the cheek where a narrow black stripe extends to the shoulder. The cheek patch is entirely white with no black through the eye. I was able to observe the head (profile) and breast but not the rest of the bird.

Also, about 4 Selasphorus hummingbirds and a Bewick's wren were in the same conifers. At this corner there are several 30-50 ft conifers and a mature maple or two.

I observed these birds between 630pm and 648 pm.

A. Kopitov
Seattle, WA

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