[Tweeters] Washtucna this morning

Randy Hill hill at smwireless.net
Sat Aug 15 11:51:40 PDT 2009

I took a quick trip to Washtucna this morning where it was low 40s. First
stopped at Hatton Coulee Rest Area where Short-billed and Long-billed
Dowitcher were standing side-by-side. Nine other shorebirds there included
a Semipalmated Sandpiper. At Washtucna there were many including what
appeared to be family groups of Warbling Vireo and Western Wood Pewee. Was
able to ID 1 Dusky, 1 Willow and 2 Gray Flycatchers, and as many as 5
Olive-sided. Plenty of Yellow and Wilson's Warblers, plus Nashville,
McGillivray's and Townsend's. A single female-plumaged American Redstart
was consistently using the north side of the large elm tree in Bassett Park.
A single Lark Sparrow on the hill, and a group of immature Chipping Sparrows
north of the school. The new sewage treatment ponds had Solitary, Spotted
and Baird's Sandpiper. Although a brand new liner is all that supports
habitat, this spot has plenty of potential, and can be viewed with a scope
from the SE and NW.

Randy Hill


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