[Tweeters] Missing the Birdbox

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Mon Aug 31 17:21:01 PDT 2009

please tell us there isn't a crested caracara at the fill right now? :)

00 caren

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> On Aug 31, 2009, at 2:50 PM, Charles Swift wrote:


>> I don't know if it's possible to receive twitter updates via text

>> messaging - further research needed.


> Yes, you can. That's why Twitter messages are limited to 140

> characters so they fit in a standard SMS ("text") message.


> In fact, you can twitter by SMS i.e. you can send a rare bird tweet

> whilst actually looking at the Crested Caracara at the Fill by just

> sending a text message.


> From http://twitter.com/devices


>> Twitter with SMS

>> Sending tweets while you're away from your computer makes things

>> much more interesting.


>> It's all done through text messages (aka "SMS"), which you probably

>> use all the time anyway, so there's not much to learn.


>> Twitter doesn't charge anything for this, but standard text

>> messaging rates or bundles may apply from your carrier.


>> If you use your mobile in the United States, the United Kingdom,

>> Canada or New Zealand you can also receive tweets via SMS. You can

>> text "OFF" to stop receiving and "ON" to start again.



> To send tweets


>> To update Twitter via SMS, you'll need to add your phone number to

>> your Twitter account, and verify it.


>> 1. Go to http://twitter.com/devices (you'll need to log in)

>> 2. Add your phone number in the form provided.

>> 3. Follow the instructions provided to verify your phone.


>> Once your phone is verified, you send updates via sms by sending

>> your 140-character message to Twitter's SMS number.

>> - If you're in the US, send to 40404

>> - If you're in Canada, send to 21212


> Just remember that you get charged your providers rate for each text

> message tweet you receive.


> The biggest issue is getting a critical mass of birders to do this ...

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