[Tweeters] Goose ID Question

John Riegsecker jriegsecker at pobox.com
Wed Dec 2 17:11:28 PST 2009


I spent several hours at Theler Wetlands yesterday. There was some
early mist, then it turned into a beautiful day.

Not a lot of activity, although there were more Cormorants than usual
fishing on the river.

A flock of Canada Geese flew over, and out of habit I took several
photographs. When I looked at them on the computer I saw one goose that
didn't quite fit.

Here is a crop from one of the shots:


It has a light colored head, a grayish neck and yellow legs. It's
flying with a small flock of Canada Geese. It appears to be slightly
smaller and with a more slender body than the Canada Goose next to it.
A friend suggest perhaps a Canada Goose x ? hybrid. You can click on
the picture for a larger version or click slideshow to get a full screen

John Riegsecker, Gig Harbor, jriegsecker at pobox dot com

John R.

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