[Tweeters] Fall City birding

Tim Brennan tsbrennan at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 6 21:08:57 PST 2009

Hey Tweets,

I'd never made it up to the Fall City/Carnation spots to bird until today. Brief trip, and I didn't get all the way up to Carnation, but had a few good birds.

On my way from Fall City to West Snoqualmie River Road I found a flock of sparrows at 24th and 316th (oh no, SE? NW? sorry for the poor directions) that included mostly juncos, and golden crowned sparrows, as well as one beautiful WHITE THROATED SPARROW.

Walked Carnation Marsh a little bit with my son, and we saw a Red Breasted Sapsucker. Not familiar with the paths there, so I didn't venture very far in.

Finally, on Neal Road, about half-way from the start of the road toward the dead end, there was a flock of juncos that included my first SLATE-COLORED JUNCO. I've looked at other juncos before and wondered, if they were slate-colored juncos... now I know they weren't. What a beaut!

Robins, juncos, starlings, and Brewer's blackbirds everywhere. A Bald Eagle watching the river where I saw the white crowned.

-Tim Brennan

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