[Tweeters] In My Nature: A Birder's Year at the Montlake Fill comment

A Mackenzie alexam at u.washington.edu
Mon Dec 7 12:43:29 PST 2009

Forwarded by request:

I can't get to the Fill very easily, living down here in San Francisco Bay
Area, but I can go there in spirit by reading Connie Sidles's new book, In
My Nature. I loved the battle of the Goldfinches--ferocious little birds
that they are. She takes me right along with her to the Main Pond to see
the mother Gadwall guarding her babies, to East Point to watch a Green
Heron examine its armpits, to the Lagoon where a visitor from the Far
North makes a brief stop, and into nature itself. The birds she describes
are so real, I might as well be seeing them myself, but more than that,
the experiences Connie talks about are ones we all share. I lost my
mother recently. Connies tale of the eagles loss moved me greatly and
reminded me of how fortunate I was to have so many wonderful memories of
her. A fine, fine book.

Diane Trewin
Oakland, CA
dianetrewin at earthlink.net

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