[Tweeters] CBC season, Looking for rides

Bob Schmidt bobs at world-wide.com
Fri Dec 11 10:32:58 PST 2009

I am very interested in following Mike Paterson's suggestion of
participating in multiple Christmas bird counts this year. Unfortunately
while I have time for some counts, I have been underemployed and our single
family car is booked for much of the next few weeks. Therefore, I am most
interested in catching a ride from the Seattle area with another interested
birder. I am willing to pay for gas and accommodations and also quite
flexible about any ideas of making trips affordable, green, fun, and birdy.
I am especially interested in attending the Yakima and Toppenish CBCs on
December 19 and 20 as I have some history with these counts.
I might consider renting a car if someone else is interested in riding along
to those counts.
If anyone is interested in discussing any carpooling ideas, please contact
me directly at the email below.

Bob Schmidt, Bothell
Personal Email: bobs at world-wide.com

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