[Tweeters] Bellevue[woodridge]Feeder report.

mark girling markgirling at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 12 13:20:39 PST 2009

Beatifull morning on the hill.Feeder has warmed up and finally this week our varied thrushes are back in residence.A Townsend warbler with it's flashes of yellow nipping in and out,while a gang of bushtits invade.Meanwhile the usuals are CB&BC chichadees,juncos,house sparrows[one leucistic female].A collard dove precariously balences on a feeder and below a spotted towee cleans up the spills.Some interesting behavior .A song sparrow for a week now has been ingrossed with it's own reflection.Car mirrors,windows and a mirror set up in the garden.It sits and sings and futters up to it's image.This goes on from sunrise to sunset.Another thing is with a hummingbird while waiting for the feeders to be put out in the morning takes to breaking the coloured ball lights in our arbor.
Any other Woodridge residents would be nice to hear from you as to what's going on in the rest of the neighborhood.
A recent report of a snowgoose at seward park.This is the same one I saw on november the 15th on lake washington at sth lk washington & 49st.Guess it fancies itself as a canada goose.All is Quiet now ,signing off from Woodridge.
markgirling at yahoo.com

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