[Tweeters] Banded Bird Reports-Link now on WOS Website

Scott Downes downess at charter.net
Wed Dec 16 17:55:37 PST 2009

Thanks to a suggestion from a WOS member, a link to the reporting page at the Bird Banding Lab is now on the WOS website. I know this question comes up every couple of months on Tweeters. In the future feel free to direct people to wos.org and click on "Banded Bird Reports" on the homepage. Any banded bird report can be sent to the lab and they can find the project and bander assuming the bird was banded using bands or markers issued by the bird banding lab.

While there, feel free to check out other aspects of the website. I think all WOS members will agree this is truly a website to be very proud of! A huge credit is due to Nancy Hertzel for making this such a great site!

Scott Downes
WOS Board Member
Yakima WA
downess at charter.net

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