[Tweeters] Lakewood Mall Black-tailed Gull?

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Hi everyone,

Sounds a little bit reminiscent of the Franklin's Gull at Juanita Beach Park earlier this year, if the ID and report turn out to be correct.  I chased the Franklin's anticipating a tough find (setting self expectations based on some past experiences, I guess).  I pulled into the parking lot and there it was on the beach only a few yards away with a few other gulls.  Wouldn't even have needed  to get out of the car, although I did to look around for other stuff while I was there .  When I came back to the car, the Franklin's was picking around in the parking lot three feet from my car.  I talked with several other people who had a similar experience, though even more ironic - they came back to their car to find the Franklin's sitting on their car  hood...! 

John Tubbs

Snoqualmie, WA

johntubbs at comcast.net

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Hi all,

I just received a comment on my blog from the person reporting the Black-tailed Gull...well, it _is_ the internet, so I'm assuming it's the person who made the report :).  Here's an excerpt: "Today, Dec. 23rd at about 3:20 pm, while waiting in traffic next to the transit center at the Lakewood Mall (south of Tacoma) I saw a Black-tailed Gull. I was sitting in my car watching half a dozen large gulls circling and picking at garbage on the sidewalk along with several crows about 50 feet away to the northwest of me..."

See http://zbirdtours.com/blog/2009/11/13/black-tailed-gull-gone/#comments for the full comment.

John Puschock
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Subject: [Tweeters] Lakewood Mall Black-tailed Gull?

A Black-tailed Gull was reported from the Lakewood Mall on eBird's "Noteable Bird Sightings" for today.  Since I have not heard anything on Tweeters I am wondering if it is legitimate or if anyone here has looked for, or found it.

Here is the map provided by eBird.com



Scott R a y
Yakima, WA
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