[Tweeters] American Dipper in Lakes - summary

johntubbs at comcast.net johntubbs at comcast.net
Thu Feb 12 13:58:14 PST 2009

Hi everyone,

Wow - my post on the American Dipper generated a lot of responses both on and off the list...hopefully some new info for other folks on the list in addition to me.  The consensus of the responses is that Dippers do forage on lake shores, at least occasionally, and that I need to spend more time observing alpine lakes...!  I think when the weather warms up a tad I'll do just that!  : - )

Several responses noted that the lake-foraging Dippers that people saw were near an outlet stream from the lake.  The bird I saw was about as far away from either the outlet and inlet streams on the lake as it was possible to get, so they do stray some distance from moving water as well. 

John Tubbs

Snoqualmie, WA

johntubbs at comcast.net

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