[Tweeters] Found tripod head handle

Paul Cozens pcozens at comcast.net
Thu Feb 12 16:45:41 PST 2009

Someone apparently had found the handle to a Bogen tripod head and left it
at the trailhead at the West 90 in the Samish Flats. Is anyone missing an
integral piece of their tripod head?
Also, at the Chuckanut Manor Restaurant parking lot I found the screw-in
eyepiece to some kind of binoculars.

Feel free to contact me to claim.

A Peregrine buzzed the West 90 parking lot at about 5:00 pm yesterday. A
couple Short-eared Owls were active just before dark. The Prairie Falcon was
on the Bayview-Edison Road, about a mile south of Samish Island Road.

Paul Cozens
West Seattle
pcozens AT comcast.net

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