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Just a portmanteau statement to all the many tweets who are contributing info about Calypte anna. First of all, as they and probably
almost all hummingbird species are polygynous, there is no such thing as a pair, a mated pair, pair bonding. Copulation and its over.
Secondly there are a lot of different kinds of "territory" in their lives. Feeding in summer, feeding in winter, each of the same but for males or females, casual feeding, display, female nesting site, and then what they all decide to do at feeders, separate from flower patches. Lastly there is no evidence that Anna's aggression is excluding Rufous Hummingbirds. In fact, my records tend to show that Rufous are more dominant over Anna's if I had to make a choice.We are starting, hopefully, in the Olympia area, a little study group that might shed more light on this notion.
Please,If you do make an observation, record date and place, but don't send it to me!! (just so you'll have it). If you see nesting activity for Anna's please record date, tree or shrub species, aspect and whether a first or second nest. We do not have enough of this kind of info. Probably you should send it to the Burke Museum, but not me! Dave

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