[Tweeters] Mute swan in skagit

Hans-Joachim Feddern thefedderns at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 22:21:02 PST 2009

This once again raises the question of being countable. This bird may
have its origin with the wild British Columbia population. For what it
is worth, I once again saw the MUTE SWAN at the south end of the
marina below the Cliff House on Tacoma's Marine View Drive this
afternoon. I have seen it there several times over the last few weeks,

Now we have all heard of - or tried for - a five falcon day at the
Samish Flats, if somebody please could locate a Whooper Swan, we could
go there for 4 swan days ....Just a thought!

Hans Feddern
Twin Lakes - Federal Way, WA.

On 2/20/09, Zack & Sam Riley <samzack98 at gmail.com> wrote:

> today on field road(in sammish flats) there was an adult MUTE SWAN

> with a large flock of swans. there were both trumpeter and tundra in

> the flock aswell. by the time i left the swans the Mute had flew to a

> more distant group still visible from field road.


> i also looked for the gyr falcon near monroe with no luck. although

> on tualco loop rd i did have a juvenile GLAUCOUS GULL.


> Sam Riley

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