[Tweeters] Iceland Gulls in Washigton/BC

miechel mtabak at shaw.ca
Thu Jan 8 11:09:33 PST 2009

The rarity of truly white-winged Iceland Gulls on the west coast adds to the identification difficulties in separating these from some of the smaller sized Glaucous Gulls found here. In the last 10 years of birding in coastal BC I have seen one adult pure white-winged Iceland Gull in Chilliwack BC which I photographed Feb 04-08. Many other birders saw this rare gull as well, and there really was no discussion about Iceland vs Glaucous Gull here since the much smaller size and structure of this gull in direct comparison with our usual Glaucous-winged Gulls made the identification obvious. I just opened a flickr account and uploaded some of my photos of this BC bird to show what a white-winged Iceland Gull on the west coast really looks like. Mike Tabak Vancouver BC

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