[Tweeters] Barrovianus Glaucous vs. Iceland?

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Doug et al.,

Good suggestion. One should also consult the two most recent highly detailed
treatises on gull, Olsen and Larsson _Gulls of North America, Europe, and
Asia_ and Howell and Dunn _Gulls of the Americas_.

With respect to barrovianus Glaucous Gulls, most if not all Washington
Glaucous Gulls are presumeably barrovianus based on breeding and known
wintering ranges, thus the comparison is between Bob and his incarnations
and our local sample of Glaucous Gulls, the great majority of which are 1st
or 2nd cycle birds that pose few problems.

There are also a number of British Columbia records of what they refer to as
"Greenland Iceland Gulls" which suggest to me that small numbers of nominate
Iceland Gulls do reach our region in winter. There's a 3rd cycle bird at the
moment shown on the Fraser Valley rare birds web site at

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The following link is an excellent web site to compare the features of
L.h.barrvianus Glaucous Gull with Iceland. Honestly, I would find it very
difficult to pick out one from the other by the photos, but it does show
how dainty and attenuated the barrovianus can appear to be, leaving us
with a combination of lesser features to try to ID individual birds. In
many cases I think that a firm ID may be tenuous at best.

Having not seen 'Bob', I have no opinion as to race, or even the species
of this particular bird. That said, a review of the various web sites
devoted exclusively to gulls can give one an idea of how difficult gull
identification is in general. In this particular case of 'Bob' the ID
quandries are even more complicated when trying to pin down a definitive
ID. A review of these sites can offer us great opportunities to delve into
these difficult ID dilemmas and learn something.

Try this link for Gulls (Japanese site):

Another site from Texas:

Another site used less frequently:


Doug Schonewald
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