[Tweeters] Raven status in Seattle? + Lincoln Park

Trileigh Tucker tri at seattleu.edu
Fri Jan 16 11:27:50 PST 2009

>From my birding guidebooks, I get the sense that ravens are rare in Seattle.

Is this still the case?

I've occasionally heard deep "quork"s in Lincoln Park, West Seattle, that
sounded raven-ish to me, but knowing how easily I can come to
optimistic-but-wrong interpretations, I've been hesitant to conclude that
the large dark birds actually are ravens.

However, on Wednesday I finally got a reasonable photo of one of these two
birds. It sure looks ravenish to me, diamond tail and all. Could someone
comment on (a) whether this is indeed a raven, and (b) how common they are
these days in the Seattle city limits

Here's the photo:
www.flickr.com/photos/21030079 at N06/3202178974/

Thanks much,

Trileigh Tucker
Lincoln Park, West Seattle

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