[Tweeters] Sharpie at Ruston Way

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Sat Jan 17 20:31:06 PST 2009

Hi Rupert.

Great photos of that hawk! Your hawk sure looks like an immature Cooper's Hawk to me (maybe others will chime in?). The large tear dropped shape brown streaking along its sides and the dark brown head (and larger head shape with flattened crown) contrasting with the lighter belly lead me to think it is a Cooper's Hawk.

See link to juvenile Cooper's.


And Juvenile Sharpy for comparison


And one juvenile Sharpy from my own photos (hope the link works).


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Hello all,

I was walking Ruston Way in Tacoma today when a sharpie flew in and landed in a tree exactly four feet above my head, two crows in hot pursuit. The crows soon left it alone, but he was kind enough to pose for a variety of pics that can be seen here:


It was the best look at a sharpie I have gotten. Being maybe 5 feet from my head with a pair of crows conveniently avavilable for size comparison made the ID a cinch (for once). Those shins really do look so sharp up close (Joke).

Rupert Grove
Tacoma, WA

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