[Tweeters] Request for information about birding in Central and South America

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You will get many opinions on this. I've birded in Mexico(15 times), Belize, Costa Rica, Panama(2), Venezuela, Ecuador (2), Peru, El Salvador, Guatemala and Brazil. Of all these I recommend Panama as a first place for real Neotropical birding. It's smaller and much easier to travel ($ is the currency and English widely spoken) than Costa Rica with more birds representing all the Neotropic families . Guido Berguido at atvantagepanama.com is great. Canopy Towers & Lodge are lovely with fabulous guides but $$$$. David Trently at avianpursuits.com organizes very cost effective tours in Panama.

Ecuador might give you more birds per day, but the economic situation has gone crazy which may affect travel. Tropical Birding runs great tours in Ecuador. Roberto Cedeno at info at ecosportadventure.com is a very cost effective alternative in Ecuador.

Peru is fabulous but much further with more exotic but generally harder to find birds.

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I haven't been birding in Central or South America, and I'd like to go this year. Would you be willing to help by answering the following questions (if you can):

> What countries/locations are ideal for viewing a variety of birds (& animals, if possible)? For instance, would you recommend

Costa Rica or the Amazon? Please be specific.

> What season of the year would be best for viewing birds in those locations? (For instance, would I be likely

to see more birds during the rainy season than during the dry season?)

> Which birds (& animals) would I be likely to see?

> Which months comprise the rainy season in your locations of choice?

> How would you arrange a trip: through a travel agent? (If so, which one?)

> If you make travel arrangements privately, which outfitters, guides, lodgings would you recommend?

> Where would you not go--for personal safety or security?



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