[Tweeters] Swans & yard birds-Enumclaw Plateau

Aquila Chrysaetos ladyhawk707 at msn.com
Sat Jan 24 08:35:26 PST 2009

Kevin Steiner and I ran into J. LeMons in Auburn yesterday who told us he had seen seven (Trumpeter, I believe) swans along Highway 164 between Auburn and Enumclaw on Tuesday. They were there, in a field at the intersection of Highway 164 and 212th Ave S. E., at 4:30 pm Friday. Three were clearly darker youngsters.
Yard birding this month has been slow due to persistent dense fog and the presence of a Merlin in the yard at least 16 of the last 24 days. While some species have deserted the yard, the remainder show less concern about the Merlin perched in plain sight than they do about about the visiting Cooper's Hawks. The only unusual yard sighting has been a Brown-headed Cowbird with a flock of Red-winged Blackbirds yesterday. The wintering female Anna's Hummingbird survived the cold weather and a knock-down stunning collision with a window on Wednesday.
Sandy Daniels
Enumclaw Plateau
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