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anne kahle wanderingalb at msn.com
Sun Jan 25 09:34:21 PST 2009

Yesterday at 1:30 pm I saw the 2 Emperor Geese approximately where Randy described. However they were within 100 feet of the road, with a flock of other geese, and did not appear to be skittish at all. They stayed. Longer than I did.
Beautiful birds.
Anne Kahle

Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 21:45:12 -0800From: rwr.personal at gmail.comTo: tweeters at u.washington.eduSubject: [Tweeters] South Bend Emperor GeeseThere was a pair of adult Emperor Geese near South Bend at about 1:00 pm on Sunday, Jan 18th. I can't recall if they've been reported this winter but they are back. They were at milepost 51 on highway 101, a couple of miles south of South Bend. They were across the field, near the dike, with about 25 Canada Geese and about 20 Snow Geese. The geese are very skittish. We only got brief looks at them before they took off over the dike and across the Willapa River.

Randy Robinson
Seattle, WA
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