[Tweeters] Dead Hermit Thrush

Janet Carroll junco at seanet.com
Sun Jan 25 15:38:20 PST 2009

Yesterday I found a dead hermit thrush on the road near my home. Beside it
was a dead varied thrush. I suspect they were both killed by my neighbor's
cats. Earlier this winter I saw a hermit thrush at my feeding station. A
varied thrush chased it away and I didn't see it again until I found the
dead one yesterday. I have never seen a hermit thrush in my home area
before this year.

Darn the people who have outdoor cats. So far that I know of, they killed
three varied thrushes, 1 downy woodpecker and the hermit thrush. The cats
don't come to my feeding area because I throw water on them when I see them
but they do go to the gully in my back yard.

Janet Carroll

Mukilteo WA USA

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