[Tweeters] Harbinger of Spring...

Darlene Sybert drsybert at northtown.org
Mon Jan 26 01:32:42 PST 2009

A male Evening Grosbeak visited my feeder today here in central Lewis
County. His winter grounds must have had a false Spring to bring him
here so early (although our low temperature did move from 32 to 40 this
weekend, too! Maybe he heard the temperature was rising...)

Also had a Mourning Dove--first one since November.

Both the female and male Flicker continue to visit the feeders, too. I
am assuming there is only one of each because that is all I have seen at
one time, but there are feeders on three sides of the house, and the
Flickers have been at one or the other of them most of each day since
Friday until I began to wonder if there were more than two birds!


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