[Tweeters] Snowy Owl in Douglas Co.

merdave at homenetnw.net merdave at homenetnw.net
Wed Jan 28 17:31:54 PST 2009

Hi, Tweeters! This afternoon two of us saw our first Snowy Owl for 2009.
It was east of Mansfield. Go east of Mansfield on Hwy. 172. When you
get to Rd. H, turn left (north) The bird was on Rd. 16, going east
(right) off of Road H. There is a yellow-flowered mail box with the name
Cora Nordby. This is an area that had Snowies last year too. A little
less than 1/2 way down Rd. 16,(it ends at Nordbys) on the left
hand(north) side there is now a small rock carin, with pink flagging
tape. The bird was on the high ridge to the north, at least 1/4 mile

We tried for the N. Hawk Owl also, but did not find it. The last time I
know it was seen was Sun., Jan.25th at 12:00 and again at 1:30. Good
birding to you all! Meredith Spencer, Bridgeport, Wa. 509-686-7551

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