[Tweeters] Got Brants? -- closure of Hood Canal Bridge in May/June

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This post reminds me -- I recently learned that the Hood Canal Bridge is
going to be completely closed for approximately six weeks starting
approximately May 1st, so they can replace part of the bridge. It doesn't
seem to me that this has been very well publicized (although I'm sure it's
well known on the upper Olympic Peninsula), so I am passing the info along as
an FYI. They are going to have a passenger ferry making the crossing while
the bridge is closed -- i.e., no cars. So plan those trips to Dungeness Spit


Andrea Grad
agrad at helsell.com

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Brant are almost always seen in the Oak Bay area north of Port Ludlow this
time of the year. Almost immediately after getting off the west end of the
Hood Canal Bridge, turn right onto the Paradise Bay Road and follow it about
6 miles to a stop sign in the Port Ludlow development. Turn right onto the
Oak Bay Road and follow it north about 8 miles. Oak Bay runs NW/SE at this
point. You want to turn 120 degrees to the right onto Portage Way (there is
a 45 degree left here, a 30 degree road to the right and your 120 degree
right, all at the same intersection). Follow Portage down hill about 100
yards to the salt water. If there are Brant in Western Washington, you will
see them here at this small county park. The area is worth exploring.

After doing your birding, continue north on the Oak Bay Rd. to Port Hadlock.
You can turn right at the 4 way traffic light and drive through the small
community of Irondale or continue through the light to the next light and
turn right onto the hwy which takes you into Port Townsend. The road
through Irondale also puts you on the hwy. to PT.

Doug Hudson
Bremerton, WA
dhudson at silverlink.net

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