[Tweeters] Pileated Woodpecker Finds New sound in neglected ladder

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Fri Jan 30 17:15:12 PST 2009

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Hi Everyone, While trying to get ready to get out of the house, I again was delighted to hear the call of my male Pileated Woodpecker, and hammering right after the call.It sounded like he had found the branch stump on one of my firs, so often used by the Flickers in spring! I ran to my patio door, hoping to try to see what he was up to, and found him landing on an 8 ft. metal ladder, left out, after filling the tall feeder that he normally hammers on. He has not been happy with the sound of that feeder, since, due to cold weather it has been full of seed, and a bungee cord is strapped across the top, to keep it from flying open. However he seemed delighted in the ladder, trying a few places before going to the feeding station, which again needs the Woodpecker Treat Suet he favors.I do not have the proper scope lens yet for digiscoping, just discovered that this past weekend, and also found the camera bracket was faulty, so it had to be returned as well. I did get my cannon out and used it for some too up close pics, with the patio glass and screen also in the way. So frustrating, as I am quite ready, and it would have been perfect for good shots!However, he is starting to be more regular in the mornings, and I should have all my proper gear by Tuesday night. It was a good practice run, as everything was in place, and I know I can get the pics now, if I am here!Have a great birding weekend!Vicki BiltzVicki Biltz
Bonney Lake Wa.
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