[Tweeters] Yellow Billed Loon stillat Lake Chelan

Steve Pink pirangas at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 31 18:35:26 PST 2009


We had success today looking for the White-billed Loon at Chelan. It was not at Lakeside Park but seen closer to town. There is a small bay with a sandy spit adjacent to the road. The Loon was just beyond the spit and showed fairly well, although it often dived. This was about 2pm. We looked without success for the w-w Crossbills in Mansfield. But did see several Euro Collared Doves. At Steamboat Rock SP we saw one Long-eared Owl (which did not flush). We had gotten there shortly before sunset, and the owl showed well in the trees against the bright sky after the sun had set. We were able to watch it while it moved from one branch to another.Cheers and Good Birding
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