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Nanaimo Bird Alert

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Sunday July 26, 2009:
The Sunday Bird Walk went to Hemer Provincial Park in Cedar. The morning was
sunny and hot. We spent most of the morning in the forest where it was cool
and out of the sun's rays.
The highlights of the morning included seeing an Osprey catching a fish and
then eating it while he perched on a branch. A young Willow Flycatcher
entertained us near the parking lot where he was flycatching and perching on
the fence. A Winter Wren gave us a good look when he popped up from the
underbrush. The Barn and Cliff Swallows gave us their usual spectacular
display along Quesnell Road.
Ten birders saw and heard the following thirty-three species of birds:
Mallard, Wood Duck, Hooded Merganser, Merlin, Osprey, Bald Eagle, Turkey
Vulture, Great Blue Heron, Downy Woodpecker, Northern Flicker, Pacific-slope
Flycatcher, Willow Flycatcher, Common Raven, Violet-green Swallow, Barn
Swallow, Cliff Swallow, Chestnut-backed Chickadee, Red-breasted Nuthatch,
Bewick's Wren, Winter Wren, Golden-crowned Kinglet, Swainson's Thrush,
American Robin, Common Yellowthroat, Song Sparrow, Red-winged Blackbird,
Brewer's Blackbird, American, Goldfinch, Spotted Towhee, House Finch,
European Starling, Red Crossbill and House Sparrow.

Saturday, July 25:
A Great Horned Owl was seen perched on a tree near Sunset Beach at Neck
Point Park in Nanaimo.

Three Nighthawks were seen over the 2500 block of Glenayr Crescent in

Friday July 24:
Black Turnstones, Caspian Terns, young Black Oystercatchers and
Black-bellied Plovers, in breeding plumage, were seen along the gravel bar
near the Pebble Beach Townhouses at Columbia Beach.

Thursday July 23:
A flock of Western Sandpipers were seen along the San Pariel mud flats in

A Wilson's Warbler was spotted in a backyard in the 100 block of Meridian
Way in Parksville.

Tuesday July 21:
An Osprey was seen circling the Brookwood Drive beaver pond in north

A female Black-throated Grey Warbler was spotted gleening insects in a
cherry tree in the 100 block of Meridian Way in Parksville.

Sunday July 19:
Three Merlins were seen perching, calling and flying back and forth while
being mobbed by Northwestern Crows along the top of the Sugarloaf Mountain
in the Departure Bay area of Nanaimo.

An Osprey was seen circling the Brookwood Drive beaver pond in north Nanaimo

Saturday July 18:
Two Merlins were seen perching, calling and flying back and forth along the
top of the Sugarloaf Mountain in the Departure Bay area of Nanaimo.

Tuesday July 14:
A Great Horned Owl was seen in the 2400 block of Ainsley Place in Nanoose

For further information on these sightings or for help in identifying a
bird please call The Backyard Wildbird and Nature Store
@ (250) 390-3669
Toll Free @ 1-888-249-4145
e-mail: thebackyard at shaw.ca
The Nanoose Naturalists
Thursday September 10, 2009 @ 7:00 pm
Nanoose Library,
Nanoose Bay
Arrowsmith Naturalists
Monday September 28, 2009 @ 7:30 pm.
Springwood School
Everyone is welcome to join us for a 2-3 hour bird walk on the Sunday and
Tuesday mornings. We leave from the Store at 9 A.M. Sunday Mornings and go
to a different location in and around Nanaimo and from the Parksville Beach
Community Park at 9 A.M. on Tuesdays and go to different areas in and around
the Oceanside area.
The Backyard Wildbird & Nature Store's weekly bird walk in the
Parksville/Qualicum Beach area on Tuesday mornings will not be held during
the summer months. We will resume the Tuesday bird walks on September 01,
The Sunday Bird Walk on August 02 will be going to the Plummer Road side of
the Englishman River in Parksville.
Meet at the Bird store at 9:00 a.m. or at the corner of Plummer Road and
Shorewood Drive in Parksville at about 9:30 a.m.
Good birding
Neil Robins
British Columbia

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