[Tweeters] HELP - INJURED WHITE PELICAN at Toppenish NWR (near Yakima)

Mary Reese uuspirit at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 1 20:07:46 PDT 2009

Hello Tweeters & OBOL,
We are from Portland, and were just finishing up a birding tour of Eastern Washington yesterday (Sunday around 4:00 pm) when we encountered a pair of WHITE PELICANS just outside the boundary of Toppenish NWR (Hwy 97 south of Yakima/Toppenish, WA).  The healthy one was swimming around, keeping near to the other, who was in bad shape with an apparent broken wing.  It was barely swimming and looked like it wouldn’t make it much longer without some intervention.
This morning we called Kathy Seibert 509-966-5270, a Yakima area bird rehabilitator listed on the Washington Fish & Wildlife website (http://wdfw.wa.gov/wildlife/rehabilitation/rehabbers.php?searchby=County&search=Yakima).  She was not familiar with the Toppenish area, but said she would pass on the info.  Later we thought maybe if we posted this on Tweeters and OBOL, there might be someone out there who can assist her.
Location of the injured bird:
Take Hwy 97 south out the city of Toppenish.  Take the last possible turn on the right, just before you go up the long steep hill.  The Toppenish refuge headquarters entrance is padlocked shut and presumably nobody there.  So take the left branch of the road, which is Pumphouse Road, and go to the approximate vicinity of Milepost 2.  You will see two farms, across the street from each other, very worn and crowded, lots of goats, llamas, horses.  Then there is a road going off to the right.  Just after that are some cow pastures on the right which are partially under water.  This is where the White Pelicans are swimming.  Private property, I presume, just on the edge of the refuge boundary.
There are no other pelicans around, just these two, so we were thinking that if they could both be captured, the injured one may heal better if its buddy accompanied it to a rehab facility.
We are now back in Portland and our vacations are over, so we cannot go back to help.  This has been bothering us a lot.  We would appreciate knowing if anything can be done for this poor bird.  Thanks in advance for any help. 
Mary Reese / Jim Allen
Portland / Fairview, Oregon
uuspirit at yahoo.com

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