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Melissa McKenzie bmsh.mckenzie at gte.net
Tue Jun 2 07:49:46 PDT 2009

Good Morning,

After dropping my kids for school I came home and noticed a crow land on the
roof of our house. The Crow had a large piece of the bread which it put
in the rain gutter of our upper roof. It then covered the bread with a bit
of moss or dried leaves and walked up the roof looking away from where it
had stashed the bread.

Less than a minute later another crow landed on the roof next to the first
crow. The second crow walked down the roof to the gutter and walked along
looking into the gutter. It stopped, lifted the moss/leaves off the piece
of bread, pulled the bread out of the gutter and then walked up to the peak
of the roof to start eating. The first crow watched this happen, then went
down to take a look into the gutter as if to see of all the bread was gone.
It turned walked to the edge of the roof and then after about a minute flew
off into the neighbors trees.

The second crow ate a couple more bites of the bread, and then gathered the
bread in its beak and flew off in the same direction as the first crow. Was
this mate feeding, or a parent teaching a young one how to find food?

It was interesting behavior, fun to watch.


Melissa McKenzie
bmsh.mckenzie at gte.net
Kenmore By The Lake

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