[Tweeters] Western Scrub Jays and Bees

Don McVay dmcvay at cmc.net
Tue Jun 9 10:25:19 PDT 2009

Hi Tweets,

We've been observing Western Scrub Jays between Blaine and Galer and
1st and 2nd Avenues West on Queen Anne in Seattle for the last couple
of years. Other posts on tweeters have reported the same locations
for these birds on previous posts to tweeters. Our last observation
earlier this week was of a bird with a beak full of food and wonder if
anyone has seen nesting Jays in this area?

We also have been reading of the importance of native bees for
pollination in lieu of the demise of honey bees due to colony collapse
disorder. Our orchard mason bees have filled all of the tubes which
we placed for them and are no longer in our garden, however multitudes
of bumble, bees and other smaller bees of many species are in great
swarms collecting pollen from our late blooming Ceanothus and other
flowers especially in shades of blue, so there is hope that native
pollinators will be a substitute for honey bees. In spite of the lack
of honey bees all of our fruit trees and berry bushes seem to have
lots of fruit thanks to these native pollinators.

Don and Sandi McVay
dmcvay at cmc.net
Queen Anne

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