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Brian Bell, Bob Schmidt, and I went out to Chinook Bend this afternoon. We were able to find a couple of Willow Flycatchers in the exact area (maybe even the same tree) as the photo.

There may have been another, different, flycatcher in the area, but views were not conclusive.

I think it's likely the photographed bird was a Willow Flycatcher. There's a possibility there was something more interesing there too. But we saw no evidence for Eastern Phoebe...

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I'll second Charlie Wright's ID of Willow Flycatcher. The apparent pale loral area doesn't look right for Eastern Phoebe. It appears that the bird is tilting its head toward the camera, creating a shadow that's obscuring the facial pattern. A case could be made (and perhaps Photoshop or a similar program may help determine the color values) that the underside of the bill is orange near the base, but I've learned to stay away from arguments over a few pixels.

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