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We'd like to thank Penny and David for leading the way around the Methow Wildlife Area as part of their birding odessey to the Withrop area where we spent the last few days camping and photographing the wildlife. We first met them on Wednesday at an impossible sighting of a Calliope Hummingbird solidly perched on a branch off Lester Road that we would never have seen in a million years without their help. Though we didn't see all that they did, their unselfish sharing of information on sightings was a big help to us. Their mention of the Nighthawk sightings also helped us recall the unmistakable sound of the Nighthawk "courting dive" that was familiar to us from our many years in Florida - which we heard again 8 or 9 times the next day near Beaver Pond in the Okenagan NF though we didn't see the birds. Having spent a full hour one day about 30 years ago in Central Florida sitting quietly below a female Nighthawk perched on a powerline while the male dove repeatedly at her, only to turn upward at the last minute with that unmistakable car horn wing noise, its a sound hard to forget even after 30 years.  My best photo opportunites were Red-naped Sapsuckers and Bullock's Orioles nesting at the north end of Pearrygin Lake and the Says Phoebes hanging around the restroom area of the parking lot for the Beaver Pond Trailhead if anyone's interested. 

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