[Tweeters] Fun little spot in Bremerton

Mary K. catbird54 at comcast.net
Tue Jun 16 19:54:22 PDT 2009

I stopped at a vacant lot-type area on Schley Blvd (it's near where the
housing authority is putting in those new homes, for folks who're familiar
w/B'ton) tonite on my way home from the library in search of Savannah
Sparrows. Had heard them singing there last weekend and decided to check out
the area. It isn't all that nice to look at--full of Scots Broom and
debris, but it's pretty open w/a few evergreens here and there, some shrubby
stuff, and is surrounded by trees. It's the type of area you'd visit
because it's close to home, definitely not a destination spot, but birdy!

Here's what I saw/heard in my brief, 10-min visit:

Sparrows: Song, White-crowned, Savannah
Swallows: V-G and Barn
Willow Flycatcher, sallying from an evergreen tree
Am. Robin
No. Flicker
Am. Goldfinch, very resplendent in his yellowness and singing his lungs out!
Mourning Dove

My mind is drawing a blank but there were a couple more species. Am
thinking if one visited often enough you'd see accipiters, maybe Common
Nighthawks in a few weeks, probably a Pac-Slope Flycatcher or two. The
usual birds, but nice to know they're around!

Good birding,

Mary E. Klein
Bremerton WA
catbird54 -AT- Comcast.net NEW ADDRESS

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