[Tweeters] Renton Fry's Osprey nest: GONE

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Calling the WA Dept. of Wildlife would be my reaction. Sorry, I'm out of town and don't have their number ready (but some DFWS people read tweeters too, so you may get more infor from them).

Just so you know, last week, walking around Green Lake (Seattle) I heard a young Osprey food begging. It took a lot of squinting to locate it many undreds of feet up, circling and begging, and circling and begging......from an adult, coursing the lake much lower, trying to concentrate on where to get junior's next meal. So some in the area have already fledged!

Martin MUller, Seattle
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Hi Tweeters,

I got a sickening surprise last night as I came home from a dinner out. The osprey nest that has been in the radio tower at the North end of the Renton Fry's Electronics parking lot for many years has been pulled down. I saw one confused osprey sitting on the few twigs that remained. Not sure where its partner was, though I saw both birds sitting at the nest earlier yesterday.

Does anyone know what happened? I can't conceive that their chicks--assuming this year's mating was successful--were anywhere near ready to fly. As I said, I'm absolutely sick and don't know who to ask about this, or what can be done to prevent this kind of intrusion during mating seasons in the future.

Susan Littlefield
Renton, WA.
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