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Christine Southwick clsouth at u.washington.edu
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Three summers ago, when I was having a little deer mouse trouble, an adult Barred Owl brought a youngster to my yard (they were welcome to all the mice and squirrels they could catch). When the crows found them out in the open, they started bombarding them. The adult flew with the youngster back into the woods, with the crows following, or course. The adult then quickly flew back out to a yard branch in the open to draw the crows back to her/him. I could hear the youngster hissing in the woods--but all the attention was on the adult. The adult tolerated it a while then took off, away from the youngster, and then circled back. It was obviously intentional.
(Meanwhile I was torn--I wanted a picture so badly, but knew if I left that the owls would be gone when I came back--so no pictures, except in my memory.)

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On Wed, 24 Jun 2009, Trileigh Tucker wrote:

> The young owlet growing up in West Seattle, whom I haven't been able to find

> since a week ago, is maturing noticeably in coloration. From the back, its

> plumage looks almost mature. From the front, though, it's still the

> fluffball I've grown to know and love! It now flies proficiently from tree

> to tree.


> However, the parent still stays nearby. When I took these photos, it seemed

> that the parent, a few trees over, was drawing crow and jay attention so

> that the owlet could groom itself in peace...?


> (New photos at www.flickr.com/photos/trileigh.)


> Good birding,

> Trileigh


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