Michael Marsh pygowl at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 12:29:41 PDT 2009

Yesterday I managed to find the "Dusky" Fly that Ruth and I had on Wed and
was able to obtain diagnostic photos, which I'll send off to the experts.
While I was looking at the Fly, a BROAD-WINGED HAWK flew over!!! Hot Damn!
My second in the PNW--Henry Gilmore and I had one at Malheur in '05 or '06.

And if that weren't enough, at Bowerman Basin I was parked next to some
Russion olive trees that are known to attract birds. I was sitting in my
car with the windows down making some notes when a bird sang a very
distinctive song from maybe six feet away! I mean it was loud! I didn't
know the song right away, but knew that I had heard it in Texas, so I
started playing Tex birds songs and the 4th one I played was the bird I had
just heard--a WHITE-EYED VIREO. More details later.

Best, Mike

Mike Marsh
Tacoma, WA
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