[Tweeters] Follow-up to ealier post re WHITE-EYED VIREO

Michael Marsh pygowl at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 15:27:00 PDT 2009

The White-eyed Vireo sang one complete song from very close to me (it's
still ringing in my ears!). It then sang about 1/2 a song from so far away
that I could barely hear it. It is a very nervous, twitchy bird, and about
the only looks I had were several fleeting blurs as it moved from tree to
tree. I did get on it for about secs, but except for the bill (a definite
Vireo bill) I did not see it perched. One time it did perch some distance
away, but the entire bird except for the bill was hidden by leaves!!!

The location was along Airport Way about .3 mi. from Paulson Rd. I was
parked right at a "No Hunting" sign. Good luck to anyone
who tries for this bird.

More on the Broad-wing and the Fly later.

Good birding, Mike

Mike Marsh
Tacoma, WA
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