[Tweeters] 20 crows mobbing a Pegrerine Falcon near Canyon Park

Nancy Wagner nancy at nancywagnerphotography.com
Sun Mar 1 12:34:01 PST 2009

I was working in my office a bit ago when I heard some crows making a big
fuss. I ran outside, hoping for an owl, but would have been happy with even
a raccoon sighting (that¹s usually what all the noise is about).

Instead, I found the mobbing crows...harassing none other than a juvenile
Peregrine Falcon way at the top of one of the trees on our neighbor's
property. I was so excited! It seemed to completely ignore the crows,
preened a bit, and finally after about 10 minutes, flew to the west. So

We live near 228th AVE SE and 45th in Canyon Park, Bothell in a woodsy area.

Bothell, WA
nancy @ nancywagnerphotography.com

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