[Tweeters] Common Raven in Seattle

Levine, Barron S LevineB at bsd405.org
Sun Mar 1 10:46:44 PST 2009

Kate Tillotson and I were serenaded(?) by a murder of crows this morning at our residence on NE 72nd and Roosevelt in Seattle. We immediately went out the door to find 50 or so crows dive bombing a Common Raven in the top of a Douglas Fir. The raven was quickly driven out of the tree and was escorted to the north. In short order the crows returned triumphantly to their roost.
A question for those who are researching crows, or for the group in general. Are there more sightings of ravens in urban areas along the I-5 corridor, or are they still considered to be rare?

Barry Levine
levineb at bsd405.org

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