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Hans-Joachim Feddern thefedderns at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 20:38:33 PST 2009


There seem to be more sightings in the Seattle area this winter,
possibly due the severity of the winter weather, it may have brought
them down from the mountains. In my almost 20 years in Twin Lakes,
Federal Way I had one possible voice record a good number of years
ago. Just a single short "croak" and never saw the bird, so it may
have been an American Crow mimicking a Common Raven. Now since the
first of this year, I have seen a single and also a pair of Common
Ravens in my neighborhood. Both times the calls alerted me and I got
good visual verification. I believe Carol Schulze had a pair in Des
Moines not too long ago.

Good Birding!

Hans Feddern
Twin Lakes, Federal Way, Wa.

On 3/1/09, Levine, Barron S <LevineB at bsd405.org> wrote:

> Tweeters,

> Kate Tillotson and I were serenaded(?) by a murder of crows this morning at our residence on NE 72nd and Roosevelt in Seattle. We immediately went out the door to find 50 or so crows dive bombing a Common Raven in the top of a Douglas Fir. The raven was quickly driven out of the tree and was escorted to the north. In short order the crows returned triumphantly to their roost.

> A question for those who are researching crows, or for the group in general. Are there more sightings of ravens in urban areas along the I-5 corridor, or are they still considered to be rare?


> Barry Levine

> Seattle

> levineb at bsd405.org

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