[Tweeters] Birding Anniversary for us

Douglas Daily dfdpaf at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 1 18:49:02 PST 2009

Our 6 and 1/4 anniversary (25th, we married on Feb. 29) was spent on Whidbey Island. The birds weren't overwhelming but the species were nice. Alas, the weekend was shorted by the wife breaking her leg by slipping while going down to the beach on the west beach at Deception Pass, but fortunately that was Saturday so we had two reasonable days of goofing off and some birding Thursday and Friday. Weather was partly cloudy, not too windy, 40+.

lots of green-winged teals

Fir Island
a big flock of snow geest
northern harriers
several bald eagles

March's Point
dc cormorants

Whidbey Island beach house, west coast across from Oak Harbour
canada goose
western sandpiper, lots
sanderlings, lots
red breasted mergansers, many
harlequin ducks, lots
surf scoters, many
horned grebes, a few
common loon, common
buffleheads, many
eared grebes, many
glaucous winged bulls, many
marsh wren, a few
red winged blackbirds, many
brewer's blackbirds, many
house sparrows
killdeer, a few

Other interesting species from Fort Ebey to Casey:
pigeon guillamotes
many more bald eagles
common goldeneye
song sparrow
bewick's wrens
western towhees
pelagic cormorant
great blue herons
White winged scoter
oyster catchers (took us awhile to find these)
red breasted nuthatch
bc chickadee
ruby crowned kinglet

Since this was not a specific birding trip and we had one broken leg,
we consider this a tolerable list.

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