[Tweeters] re Great Blue Herons on UW campus

Clare McLean clareishere at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 2 12:20:47 PST 2009

Very interesting news--last summer there were approximately three heron nests built and used in the trees south east of the fountain.
I am not certain, but I think at least two or three fledged, although I did find two carcasses underneath the nests.
I wonder if the circling herons are planning to enlarge the colony this spring? Hope so!
Joe, what time does the circling happen?
Clare McLean
Seattle, WA
clareishere at hotmail.com

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Howdy Tweets,

On my way to school this morning I passed Drumheller fountain while walking
the Burke Gillman trail, near Husky Stadium. I was surprised to see ~30
GREAT BLUE HERONS circling above the fountain. My coworkers have observed
similar behavior at the same place once or twice in the last couple of
weeks, so it sounds like the GBHEs might be developing a morning routine.
Good Birding!

Clare McLean

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