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About a week ago, my co-worker found a number of Northwestern Salamanders - Ambystoma gracile under logs at Camp Long. I believe it was a rainy day and I believe they were dispersing after breeding in our pond there. I posted to the whole list because I know that there are a good number of tweeters interested in amphibians (and because I would be interested in the responses of others). Sadly we have few, if any, frogs anymore. Historically there were Red-legged Frogs and Pacific Chorus / Tree Frogs.

-Stewart Wechsler
West Seattle
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Hello to tweeters,

I am looking at amphibian migrations in our local area. In the lowlands, February tends to be peak time for these migrations, typically on very wet, warm nights, well after dark. Commonly what you see are salamanders and frogs, hopping and slithering their way across wet roads, showing up in your headlights. Anybody seen anything like this yet? I know this is a bird listserve, so you can write back to me personally at jpartlow at aol.com.

Janet Partlow
Olympia, WA

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