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Although I was a novice birder based at Fort Huachuca in 1969-71, I don't have any specific advice re birding. But, in general, this early in the year would favor the bottomlands for migrating insectivores, for example. I'd bet that the lower Colorado River would be great for that. As far as SE Arizona Mexican types, the late summer monsoon season is best, especially up in the canyons and the sky islands (e.g. Rustler Park).

Wishing you lots of fine birds down there!

Phil Hotlen; Bellingham, WA

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Hi Tweeters,

My husband and I have a week in mid-March to play with.  Is that a good time to go to birding in Arizona?  My recent Birder's World magazine lists bird festivals all over the place in May, so maybe March is too early...?  Any advice would be welcome.

Brenda Burnett
beaknbird at hotmail dot com

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