[Tweeters] Barbee Mill Osprey nest has a new resident ...

Susan Littlefield susan.littlefield at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 17:59:24 PST 2009

... but it's not who you think. I've been trying to take Lake
Washington Blvd. on my way home to keep an eye on the nest, and this
evening, I could see someone was up there. Pulled over for a better
look ... and there's a big, handsome Canada Goose standing in the
Osprey's nest. As my boyfriend pointed out, this could end badly for
Mr. or Mrs. Goose. But it was a hoot to see! I'll let you all know if
this behavior continues.

Happy birding,

Susan Littlefield
susan.littlefield [at] gmail.com
Renton, WA

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