[Tweeters] Northern Pintail at the Fill

Joe Meredith joemmoby at u.washington.edu
Wed Mar 4 09:37:19 PST 2009

Hi Tweets,

While passing through the Montlake Fill this morning (~7:30 am) I was
pleased to spy a NORTHERN PINTAIL dabbling in Shoveler's Pond. On the other
side of the fill, a RACOON came out of the brush on the long island that
runs from east to west and scared up some coots. I've never seen a racoon
swim, and this one didn't look wet, but I guess he must have done some
paddling at some point to get out there. Overall it was a very pleasant
morning, with all of the males out doing their best to look and sound
impressive for the females.

~Joe Meredith
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