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Hi Tweets -
As of 12:50, the Loggerhead Shrike was still present -- I escaped for a quick lunch break and was very happy to find Connie present to point the way. As she said in her message, the LOSH was in the field just a little east of the blue forest , along the north side of Wahkiakum lane. In other words, coming from the CUH, walk the main trail towards campus [don't take the loop], and about 2/3 of the way along the path start watching the trees in the field on your right.


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>Hey tweets, at 11:11 a.m. just now, I found a LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE at the

>Montlake Fill. It is hawking for prey in the little trees on the

>northeastern edge of the "blue forest," the restoration area at the

>west end of Wahkiakum Lane (the blue tubes on the north side of the

>trail, not the south side). This is definitely not a Northern Shrike.


>Also on view: more than 40 Violet-green Swallows, so spring is here,

>despite the cold! The Western Meadowlark is still singing his little

>heart out - that guy is persistent if lonely. Two immature Trumpeter

>Swans are still on the lake, and a VIRGINIA RAIL is in the cattails on

>the bay. Whatta day. - Connie, Seattle


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