[Tweeters] RE: Spotted Towhee on a peanut tube feeder

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Wed Mar 4 12:12:44 PST 2009

i have a small family of Towhees who love my seed and suet feeders. they
aren't the most graceful, being too large (really) for the seed perch, and
not good clingers for the suet cage, but they seem to appreciate both

00 caren

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> We've got a couple of Towhees who sit and eat on our seed feeder (about 5

> feet off the ground) and one who runs out super fast from under the pine

> tree to grab a peanut when I throw a few out for the blue jays. So, now

> you

> know of at least two yards that have Towhees on feeders and eyeing those

> peanuts!


> Nancy

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