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Thanks for all the replies to my apple tree issue and my selection of an Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry tree. It is great to know that I will attract many species of birds and NOT starlings. The birds I mostly want to attract are cedar waxwings. I already have plenty of robins and other birds.
Thanks also for all the other informative discussion about serviceberry trees from so many people. It has reinforced my thinking that the Autumn Brilliance hybrid tree will be the best for my yard. This serviceberry tree can be purchased ready to plant as a single trunk tree about 7 feet high for slightly more than $100.00. It will get about 20-25 feet high and 15 feet wide. I want it for shade, to attract birds, and to add autumn and winter beauty to my yard.
Status of my project: non-producing, old apple tree is cut down, Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry tree in on order!!
Highlands of Renton
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